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Triple Hotel Shower Manual Dispenser Wall Mounted Washing Liquid Shampoo Soap Bottle, Capacity: 1200ml (Stainless Steel)

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1. Adopt high quality stainless steel materials, durable and portable.
2. 1200ml manual three-head soap dispenser, a single is 400ml.
3. Use with liquid soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo soap.
4. Simple, fashion, convenient and practical.
5. Easy and convenient to install.
6. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
7. Press type, easy to use.
8. Perfect to use at bathrooms, kitchens, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.
9. Tie rod material: Aluminum alloy.

The product in the detailed drawing is for reference only, the number of heads is subject to the title

One Package Weight 1.22kgs / 2.69lb
Qty per Carton 8lb
Carton Weight 10.8kgs / 23.81lb
Carton Size 64cm * 44cm * 28cm / 25.2inch * 17.32inch * 11.02inch
Loading Container 20GP: 338 cartons * 8 pcs = 2704 pcs
40HQ: 785 cartons * 8 pcs = 6280 pcs