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T3 ABS Magnetic Card Induction Lock Invisible Folio Cupboard Door Lock with Shutter(Grey)

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1. ABS material, environmental protection.
2. Two No. 5 batteries, ultra low power consumption, longer use.
3. Multiple management technology, support single/double key unlocking, one key to open multiple locks, multiple keys to open one lock.
4. Suitable for folio cupboard door to install.
5. It is easy to install without holes.

Product parameters:
1. Suitable for the maximum door thickness: 45mm.
2. Material: ABS environmentally friendly plastic material.
3. Battery: 2 AA batteries (sold separately).
4. Life time: one year.
5. Card reading distance: less than 2.5cm.
6. Lock body: 86x63x28mm.
7. Lock: 36x21x16.
8. Net weight of the product: about 125g.
9. Unlocking time: within 1 second after successful card swiping.
10. Working voltage: 6V.

1. Insufficient power will not lock up.
2. The keys are blank keys. After receiving the product, you can match it according to the instructions.

Packing list:
Lock body x 1
Lock x 1
Keychain x 1
Card key x 1
Tag stickers x 1
Screw package x 1

One Package Weight 0.18kgs / 0.41lb
Qty per Carton 140lb
Carton Weight 26.2kgs / 57.76lb
Carton Size 44cm * 38cm * 37cm / 17.32inch * 14.96inch * 14.57inch
Loading Container 20GP: 431 cartons * 140 pcs = 60340 pcs
40HQ: 1000 cartons * 140 pcs = 140000 pcs