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Stainless Steel Seasoning Jar Set Home Kitchen Seasoning Box Combination, Specification: Straight Spice Jar Small

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Material:304 Stainless Steel
Can be used as a seasoning type:Solid seasoning
Product advantages:
1. The product has more specifications to meet your needs.
2. Use thickening treatment, wear and durable
3. Separately with spoon, canned spoon, so that the spoon will not move
4. Glass cover design, no need to open the can, the internal seasoning is clear at a glance
5. Can be applied to all kinds of seasonings, both wet and dry
6. The product adopts food grade raw materials, non-toxic and harmless, easy to clean
One Package Weight 0.2kgs / 0.44lb
Qty per Carton 150lb
Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 63cm * 63cm * 69cm / 24.8inch * 24.8inch * 27.17inch
Loading Container 20GP: 97 cartons * 150 pcs = 14550 pcs
40HQ: 226 cartons * 150 pcs = 33900 pcs