New Arrival Egg Poacher Microwave Egg Cooker Love Heart & Flower Shaper Cooking Tool


Two patterns to choose from . Poach two hearts or two flowers

This is a handy kitchen aid to conveniently prepare eggs for your meals!

  • This cookware is made from premium grade polypropylene plastic
  • The container has 4 moulds in heart and flower shapes
  • Available in yellow with dimension of 18 x 22 cm
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and store
  • Directions on how to use -
  1. Before putting the eggs in the moulds, put few drops of oil or water, then prick 10 holes on eggs with a toothpick or fork to prevent rupture of eggs from heating.
  2. After covering with a lid, set the microwave oven in “heating mode” for 40-60 seconds.
  3. Take the container out after 20 seconds and let it cool for few seconds.
  4. Separate the eggs in the mould using toothpick and take them out to pair with other dishes.

Never miss this cookware in your kitchen!

  • Preparing eggs for your meals has never been more convenient. Let this egg cooker prepare the meal for you in the microwave
  • Healthy eggs are prepared as you consume less or no oil in cooking your eggs
  • Saves you time as you can cook all 4 eggs at once
  • Great kitchenaid in preparing quick meals
  • Ideal gift for homemakers


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