Cosmetic Makeup Case Lipstick Brush Holder Organizer with 7 Drawers which can be used for jewellery also.


Vanity Cosmetics and Jewelry Storage Organizers With Multiple Compartments and Drawers Display Case

Efficiently declutter your countertops or dressing table with this modish storage organizer. 

  • This elegant cosmetics and jewelry organizer is made from high quality clear acrylic.
  • It has 3 interlocked boxes that separates the 7 drawers from multiple compartments for efficient storing of jewelries and makeups
  • Each drawer has mesh padding to keep the jewelries safe in place.
    • The drawers are removable and all parts are easy to clean
    • This compact organizer is a space saver with its size of
    • 24.13 x 13.97 x 29.85 cm 

Never miss this storage organizer in your dresser! 

  • An efficient organizer for all cosmetics and accessories
  • It can hold at least 10 eyeliners, 10 lipsticks and 20 makeup brushes, while inside the drawers are the valuable jewelries
  • Definitely saves your time and space, as all your thing can be easily accessed in one organizer
  • Excellent to use as display case on promotional events for cosmetics or accessories
  • Perfect gift for women in the family and among your friends

1 Dimensions: (9.45 x 5.91 x 11.61)"" / (24 x 15 x 29.5)cm (L x W x H)
2. Weight: 80.78oz / 2290g
3. Drawer Quantity: 4 Small & 3 Large Drawers 




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