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Collapsible Clothes Hanger Robe Hook Decorative Bathroom Wall Mounted Hooks(Golden Hook (Send Screw))

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Material:Stainless Steel
1. A coat rack with a foldable design saves space.
2. For convenience, when not in use, folded or extended, it can be placed flat on the wall.
3. You can use these hooks in different places, such as bedroom, bathroom and closet, etc.
4 Hanging a variety of light items, such as clothes, clothes, headphones and hats, etc., can meet most of the needs of life.
5. Made of aluminum alloy, it is durable and of high quality.

Product specifications:
1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Color: black, silver, gold
3. Shape: Rectangular
4. Size: (approx) 77 * 70 * 25 * 16 mm
5. Weight: 58G
1 PC * square hook
2* screws
1. The color of the item may be slightly different from the picture due to the difference in light and screen.
2. Please allow a difference of 0.5-2 cm due to manual measurement.
One Package Weight 0.06kgs / 0.14lb
Qty per Carton 468lb
Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 62cm * 23cm * 23cm / 24.41inch * 9.06inch * 9.06inch
Loading Container 20GP: 813 cartons * 468 pcs = 380484 pcs
40HQ: 1887 cartons * 468 pcs = 883116 pcs