Chalk Board Blackboard Wall Sticker. Self Adhesive Removable Vinyl Decals For Kitchen, Office or Kids Rooms


Wall Decal, DIY Vinyl Board Wall Sticker For Writing Memos For Home or Office and Children’s Creative Area 

A perfect, traditional way of presentations, writing memos and important notes and expressing your artistic ability is through this removable, reusable chalkboard wall sticker!

  • The chalkboard sticker is very easy to apply on walls and equally easy to remove.
  • The wall sticker is made from long-lasting Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material
  • The sticker’s size is about 200 x 60 cm, with smooth texture
  • After attaching to the wall, make sure to wipe and squeeze the air bubbles underneath the sticker with a towel
  • You may use regular chalk or board markers to write on the sticker attached to the wall. 

Buy this amazing board for your family to use!

  • This wall sticker is self-adhesive which you can easily stick to the wall and start writing your memos for the day.
  • Great product for presentations or when you are teaching your children lessons
  • Memos and notes written on the board guarantees that nothing is forgotten.
  • Wonderful tool to enhance the artistic ability of your child. 

Specification: Single-piece Package

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