Reusable BBQ Grill Mats

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Stop food falling through the cracks!. Safely grill chicken, shrimp, steak, vegetables and even eggs on this versatile non-stick grilling mat. Your food will come complete with grill marks but will not fall through the grill. And you still get the sizzle.

These mats are perfect for community barbecues. That grill in the camp ground? Ugh! Just place your mat over the grill. No worries about what might have been on there before.

Use it hundreds of times. Just wash with soap and water for a quick clean up. No more dirty BBQ grills to scrub.

  • Double sized BBQ Grill mat.
  • Large size covers more of the grill. Can be cut to fit smaller grills or for baking.
  • Tested to 650 degrees peak temperature.
  • Can withstand direct flame flare-ups. 
  • Size 16 x 13 inch / 33 x 40cm
  • PFOA and BPA free.

Note: These mats are designed to be used on a grill. It is not recommended to place them directly onto coals.

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