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Anytek P4 3.7V Micro USB Charging Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensing Small Padlock

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1. Semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology, fingerprint is your password, providing protection for your items and the safety of your home.
2. The fingerprint sensor can record 10 sets of fingerprints for 10 times, which can be used by many people. At the same time, the first and second fingerprints are the administrator's fingerprint by default, and the second to tenth fingerprints need to be authorized by the administrator.
3. The recognition rate is high, the falsehood rate is less than 0.02%, and the rejection rate is less than one percent.
4. The fingerprint collection time is less than or equal to 0.5 seconds, and the fingerprint matching time is less than or equal to 1 second.
5. Short press to unlock, press and hold for 5 seconds to set the fingerprint, long press for 10 seconds to delete the fingerprint.
6. Built-in 3.7V 80mAh lithium battery, can stand for 6 months, unlock a thousand times.
7. LED tri-color lights to help you master the use of the padlock. When the battery is low, the red light flashes. During charging, the red light is on, full, and the red light is off.
8. When the voltage is equal to or lower than 3.5V, the red indicator light will flash for 15 seconds. If it is always in low power state, it will alarm once every minute. Emergency charging can be done with the 5V 0.5A Mirco USB cable.

1. Button: Stroke detection button x 1 (built-in).
2. Lock beam diameter: 12mm.
3. No mechanical lock cylinder.
4. IC proximity card: not supported.
5. Motor: Planetary geared motor M10.
6. Working voltage: 3.7V.
7. Charging current: 5V/200MA.
8. Working temperature: -20-70 degrees Celsius.
9. Product size: 28x52.5x12mm.
10. Net weight: 58g.

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Carton Size 42cm * 42cm * 17cm / 16.54inch * 16.54inch * 6.69inch
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