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Aluminum Alloy Mute Interior Door Lock Handle Lock, Suitable Door Thickness: 35-50mm

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1. Thick solid handle, made of aluminum alloy material, after special grinding process, corrosion resistance, good brightness, anti-wear, hard to prevent breakage, ceramic-like feel.
2. Thickened solid panel, made of aluminum alloy, anodized and colored on the surface, wear-resistant, rust-proof, long-lasting fading.
3. The knob is ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to the touch.
4. Aluminum-clad copper lock core, seven copper marbles, high usage rate, low mutual opening rate, not easy to rust, not stuck, to ensure smooth opening.
5. Precision ball-discharging technology, high-strength anti-theft.
6. Built-in silent bearing to further reduce noise and mute.
7. Stainless steel lock body, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, durable.

1. Panel material: aluminum alloy.
2. Lock body size: 58x45mm.
3. Lock core material: aluminum shell copper core.
4. Color: Black.
5. Scope: bedroom, indoor, bathroom, etc.

This door lock is universal and can be adjusted freely inside and outside.

One Package Weight 1.33kgs / 2.93lb
Qty per Carton 18lb
Carton Weight 24.7kgs / 54.45lb
Carton Size 38cm * 38cm * 46cm / 14.96inch * 14.96inch * 18.11inch
Loading Container 20GP: 401 cartons * 18 pcs = 7218 pcs
40HQ: 931 cartons * 18 pcs = 16758 pcs