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2 PCS Portable Cleaning Stainless Steel Oval Hand Soap Eliminating Odour Remover with Base, Random Style Delivery

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1. Remove any unwanted smells or odors from your hands after handling things such as onion, garlic, fish etc.
2. To remove those unwanted scents from your hands, just simply use this like a bar of soap and run cold water over it while rubbing it on your hands.
3. The science of this is that ingredients such as onion, garlic and fish give off sulfur that causes the odor to stain your hands.
4. The stainless steel would attract and bind with the sulfur to remove the odor from your hands.

One Package Weight 0.13kgs / 0.28lb
Qty per Carton 100lb
Carton Weight 17.2kgs / 37.92lb
Carton Size 40cm * 30cm * 30cm / 15.75inch * 11.81inch * 11.81inch
Loading Container 20GP: 740 cartons * 100 pcs = 74000 pcs
40HQ: 1719 cartons * 100 pcs = 171900 pcs