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2 PCS 6 in 1 Multi-Function Twist Bottle Opener All in One Jar Gripper Wine Beer Lid Twist Off Jar Opener Claw(Red)

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  • Type:Openers
  • Metal Type:Stainless Steel
  • Feature:Eco-Friendly
About The Product:
1. 6 in 1 Multi Opener can opens six diferent types of seals/lids: bags, safety seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops, jar lids
2. A good helper for the household duties, a good gift for your mother/ wife, let her easily solve the sturdiest bottles and jars.
3. Easy grip handle great for children, elderly and arthritis sufferers. Makes opening any lid a breeze.
4. It can open the caps without hurting hands or using too much strength. Increased efficiency and comfortable utility make it perfect for those with hand injuries or arthritis.
5. Not just for the home,you can take it along to picnics, camping and trips. Slips neatly in the cutlery drawer when not in use-this rubber jar opener will not take up too much space, jar opener silicone lining is easy to clean.

Size: 14.5x6x2.2cm / 5.7'' X 2.4'' X 1''
Weight: 115g/ 4 oz
Recommended Uses: all kinds of bottles, can cap, jars, wine, beer and so on in the kitchen or on holiday/travel

Package includes:
2x Multifunction Jar Opener

One Package Weight 0.24kgs / 0.54lb
Qty per Carton 61lb
Carton Weight 15kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 78cm * 39cm * 39cm / 30.71inch * 15.35inch * 15.35inch
Loading Container 20GP: 224 cartons * 61 pcs = 13664 pcs
40HQ: 521 cartons * 61 pcs = 31781 pcs