DELICIOUS Handcrafted Fruit Spreads for Salads & Cheeses (3 pack)

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Berry Bliss - Matcha Matcha - Holy Guacamole!

Ready to have your taste buds blown?!

We guarantee you've never tasted anything like this. Cosy Cookhouse handcraft the freshest, best tasting & most exotic range of fruit spreads on the planet!

Located in Pinneberg, Germany - a region known for its quality produce and healthy lifestyle, Cosy Cookhouse lovingly peel, cook, can and label each jar by hand to produce some of the best fruit spreads in the world.


All Spreads are 100% Vegan

Included in Cheese & Salad 3 Pack:

75% Fruit Spread made with a tantalizing mix of berries! Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberry, Black Current, Red Current & just a small tinge of Rosemary.

Love a Fruit Spread that pairs well sweet & savory while supporting your healthy lifestyle? Our Sugar Free Berry Bliss is just for you. Made with 75% Fresh fruit, 40% lesser calories, 0% added sugar, Low glycemic index, & 100% handmade!

Ingredients: 74% Mix of 6 types of berries, 1% Rosemary, 25% natural sweetener (Xylitol), pectin & citric acid.

This avocado fruit spread makes one tasty spread alternative for turkey, chicken, vegan meat, roast beef sandwiches or wraps. They also add an extra creaminess to vegetarian sandwiches.

Ingredients: 35% Avocado, 25% Pear, 5% Lemon, 10% Tomato, Xylitol, Apple Pectin, Citric Acid & Calcium Citrate Sugar free

Seeing green? It’s not just you. Us too! Matcha has taken the world by storm. Head to Pinterest or Instagram and you’re guaranteed to see an array of emerald-hued dishes — from matcha lattes to granola. Plus, this trendy powder is packed with health benefits — so we understand why everybody’s going green.

Wake up in the morning with a rejuvenating, nutritious Matcha fruit spread. This lighlty sweet and delectable fruit spread compliments and offsets the fragrant, leafy taste of matcha green tea powder with the addition of apple, pear and a little spinach for a flavour balance that will leave you craving for more after one bite.

Ingredients: 39% Apple, 25% Pear, 10% Spinach, 1% Matcha powder, Xylitol, Apple Pectin, Citric Acid & Calcium Citrate Sugar free



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